Minutes 11-1-2016

SI Alpine Meeting Minutes

        November 1, 2016 . 6pm. 2271 Alpine Blvd. Ste. B      

Welcomed Members Donna Feeney, Pat C Wolf, Pat Wood, Barb Louis , Linda Evans, Michelle Lanphear, Dana Paskle, Marcy Hohnemann, Lisa Boetjer, Patty Tweed, Judy Tweed and  Kathy Dizney  


Treasurer’s report: Kathy Dizney;  Halloween Bunco net $900.; District Workshop Raffle $1900 [including silent auction $340 donation by Donna’s son]  Total bank balance to be announced at December meeting .  Thanks Kathy for all the workshop calculations

Committee Reports:

Host District lll Fall Meeting ; Excellent outcome from workshop from our club’s input. Comments made that the actual district meeting”s break out sessions were disappointing.  Audio/ visuals poor.


DIBI MT. Empire.  Excellent reception from girls at  October’s meeting.   Pat C invited all of us to attend the once a month first Monday meeting at Mt. Empire High School.  Donna, Pat C hosted Halloween lunch treats.  The girls discussed their ideas for rules and direction they wanted to take this year. Pat C has them writing journals about their thoughts of “who they are and what they want to be” for the next meeting.  The counselor Cherie said ‘Dream It Be It ‘ is the hot item at school!  Dana suggested offering the girls the opportunity to stage a fashion show at school in the spring.


Halloween Bunco; 33 attended.  3 Chili buffet and sweets were delicious. 12 gift baskets were donated by our members!

Valentine Bunco set for Friday February 3, 2017.  Club discussed sending out Evites in addition to flyer invitations.  Goal set to fill 14 tables!  Invite other Alpine clubs as well.

New Business

Kathy Dizney presented a letter written from a Steele Canyon High School student, Rahama Arshad, Safety Advisor, requesting a donation from our club.  A motion by Pat C to donate $100 with the stipulation that Rahama come to our meeting to present their program.  Motion second and carried. Kathy will contact the student.


Live Your Dream: So far one complete application has been submitted.  The deadline is set for Nov. 15th, 2016.  Linda suggested contacting the Crisis House in El Cajon for applicants.


Women’s Retreat Sponsors Lisa stated that we need to get sponsor letters out soon for the retreat; a committee meeting was  called for  Wednesday at 4pm the 9th of November at Lisa’s office for anyone interested in working on the committee.  She suggested we offer and ‘early bird special’.  Set a goal for 75 women to make this a profitable fundrasier.  Balance life enrichments with monetary gains.


Alpine Christmas Parade and booth;  Everyone agreed to be a part of this year’s Alpine Christmas Snow Festival and Parade.  Steve Tweed will provide the 51 Chevy truck for parade.  Linda  and Lisa volunteered to set up a committee for booth decorations and hot Spiced Cider


Christmas Party Plans  Donna will host our Christmas party at her house in Descanso…  6pm on Dec. 6th.B Bring a $25 gift for the annual exchange game. Donna has the list of food items we volunteered to make and will send out a reminder with her address prior to the party.


Interest in 2nd Meeting Program??? Tabled until January meeting


Announcements and Reminders Donna passed out flyers for other club events.  You can pull up the online version at sialpine@sorotptimist.net  

Susan Lancaster is almost finished with our new website sialpine.org……check it out!  We will be able to post all our activities, photos and news letters by January.


November Happy Birthdays

to Barb Louis on the 26 and Pat Wood on the 27th!

RAffle      Donna won Judy’s raffle item and Marcy won Linda’s raffle item.  All our raffle dollars go to our petty cash fund.

Meeting Adjourned 7:45pm

Food items for Christmas Party:

Donna providing and Sweet Potatoes

Judy: Green Beans, Pat C …salad, Michelle …rolls and butter, Barb…cranberry sauce, Lisa…quiches,

Marcy…Hors, D’oeuvres, Patty Kathy and Dana…desserts , Linda…champagne!