Minutes 1-3-2017

SI Alpine Minutes 1-3-17

  • Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM by President Patty Tweed.
  • Welcome – In attendance: Pat Cannon-Wolf, Marcy  Hohnemann, Barbara Lewis, Linda Evans, Dana Paskle, Kathy Dizney, Patty Tweed, Judy Tweed, Pat Vacio, Toni O’Toole, Michelle Lanphear, Susan Lancaster, Lisa Boetjer
  • President’s Message- Gift to local family. SI Alpine gifted $500 and $300 to support needy families over the holidays.
  • Treasurer’s report – Balance $9014.88 One outstanding check $130.00
  • Committee Reports:
    • Live Your Dream- Michelle, Toni and Linda served with Patty on selection committee. 6 applications but only 3 truly complete. Young woman selected had a specific plan , well spoken and had a clear goal.
    • Dream It Be It- First Monday of each month a luncheon and meeting with about 16 girls from Mt Empire High. Girls are enthusiastic. Pat Wolf chairs and is asking for imput on ideas of events/adventures we might help provide for the girls that would expand horizons.
  • New Business
    • Live Your Dream Reception- Patty, Linda, Michelle and Toni to plan. Possible location the Library
    • Valentine Bunco- EVITE to be sent out by Lisa, Web site to have pre registration form, Dana to EMCEE. Sign up for baskets and food See Attachment.
    • Women’s Retreat- April 29th at Lisa’s house. Need to set up info and sign up table at the Chamber Winter Workshop in Lemon Grove March 29th to advertise our event. Our planning meeting will be at Lisa’s house Sunday 1-8-17 at 1 PM
    • Interest in 2nd meeting each month. Discussion held and decided to keep once a month meeting and add planning groups as needed for the three big events each year. Other activities ( Parade of Lights, Viejas Days, other local events) on interest based attendance basis.
  • Announcements
    • Chamber requested a survey on Parade of Lights
    • Christmas Cards from Chamber.
    • Next Year should we sell the Poinsettias?
    • Please check out the www.sialpine.org site and select Bunco page
  • Reminder of meeting Dates and Hostess bringing dinner
    • 9/6  Susan 10/4  Pat Wolf   11/1 Judy
    • 12/6 * Party at Donna’s house
    • 1/3  Kathy F 2/7  Kathy D 3/7 Pat Wood  4/4 Toni
    • 5/2 Lisa 6/6 Karen 7/11 Planning retreat

     Meeting adjourned at 7:20.


VALENTINE BUNCO SIGN UPS  Please sign up for missing items



  1. Judy
  2. Lisa
  3. Dana
  4. Linda
  5. Toni
  6. Marcy
  7. Pat Wolf
  8. Karen
  9. Pat V
  10. Michelle
  11. Patty

Meatballs – Patty

Artichoke Pasta for 36- Dana

Large Lasagne 3 pans – Susan

Soft Bread sticks (2 doz)- Kathy. Michelle, ________

Salad ( serve 20 ) Lisa, Marcy, ______________

Antipasto Tray – Judy _______________

Brownies 2 doz -0  Barbara L, Karen, Pat V

Almond Roca – Patty